Menu question

Jan 14, 2013

I have a course where I want the menu to be displayed for each heading but I don't want the individual slides for each section to show. I only want the headings to show.

In the Player Properties window in the Menu section when I delete all the sub sections nothing happens when I click on them in Pre-view. If I don't delete the sub sections I'm able to navigate using the menu. What am I missing?

Jesse Kramer

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Simon Perkins

Have you reset the menu slides; Player > Menu > Reset from story ... then deleted the slides you don't want show?  Can't say I've experienced any issues with the menu (other than it randomly re-ordering slides).

If you're still stuck then you could create a new SL file, import all the slides from the current project and then set up your menu.. There could help if there's some kind of player/menu corruption going on.

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