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Question: Why can'[t I find a Topic I wrote about in my Player menu?

When I went to set up my menu through Player, I found one topic that doesn't display in the menu. I have looked for that topic under other topics but it's not there. I searched for it and I can find it that way, but it's not in the standard menu.

What should I do to make it display?

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Christine Williams

I resolved my problem with the missing topic in my menu!

With Player>>Menu open, all I had to do is highlight the position in the menu where I wanted to drop my topic, then open the folder icon at the bottom of the list and select it. It dropped right where I wanted it so once I clicked OK, I was done.

I still have no idea why it didn't show up initially but it's there now.

Katie Riggio

Hi there, Christine!

I appreciate you circling back with an update. Nice troubleshooting!

Here's a closer look at how the menu looks and behaves in Storyline courses:

If you spot any other menu oddities again, please let us know! We're happy to jump in at any time: