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Dec 28, 2018

I have a course that has a Menu slide with buttons that jump to each scene in my course. I also have the menu slide set with a True/False variable and triggers that won't let the users move forward in the course until all buttons/topics have been visited, to ensure they go through all of the content in each scene.

I originally had the first slide in each scene set with the Previous button hidden so they have to complete the scene/topic before returning to the Menu slide. However, my customer wants the students to be able to navigate back to the menu, if they want to visit another topic instead. So now if students click the Previous button and return to the menu, it shows the topic button as Visited before ever completing the topic. This completely undoes my objective to make the students review all of the content as they can simply click each topic button and then immediately click Previous to show all topics as Visited.

I tried adding a True/False variable to the last slide in each scene which is set to turn True when the slide's timeline ends. I then added a trigger to each menu button to change to the Visited state once the said variable changes to True. However, the menu buttons still change to Visited state as soon as they are clicked.  I even added a trigger to change the state of the Menu buttons to Normal when clicked on the Condition the said variable is False, but the buttons still change to Visited as soon as they are clicked.

Is there any way to turn OFF the automatic Visited state as soon as the user clicks a button or do you have another solution to fix this? I am at a loss on this one!

Thank you!

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Shiela Marie Marcos

Hi Kimberly,

I think you're on the right track in triggering the variables to change to True at the end of each topic. I deleted the  built in visited state and used a custom state for each menu button instead like Michael said, then added triggers to change to that custom state when the timeline starts on the menu slide if the true/false variable is true.  I also used the same true/false variables to control whether or not the Next button would show which then takes the user to the next scene when it is enabled.

Here is a sample file that I hope will be useful to explain it better. 

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