Microsoft Office Courses via Storyline?

Hi all,

Our organization has been offering MS Office courses for a number of years. We typically offer them in a series. For example, Word would be three 4-hour classes - Intro, Intermediate and Advanced. We allow employees to kind of jump into the level where they feel most comfortable.

Over the years, our attendance at these classes has been tapering off. There is still a need for training, but more and more it seems like it's more of an "as needed" thing and many users need some skill-specific training. 

As we are exploring the potential of Storyline, I'm wondering if any of you have had success in making effective interactive courses to replace some of the need for Office "in person" training? 

My first thought is that the courses could be set up as mini modules so that employees can pick and choose what they most need. For Word, I can see modules such as Word basics, formatting/editing, mail merge, you get the idea! 

I'm hoping to get some feedback from the community as to what you've done at your business/organization and what has worked well or hasn't worked well. 

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