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Hello everyone.  I am a small family owned real estate company and we offer online classes for agents to renew their license.  We have purchased Storyline and are in the process of converting our old courses, but I don't have the depth of knowledge to make the courses great.  I have been puttering around trying to figure things out so I thought that I would as what someone would charge to take my content and put it into Storyline with all the bells and whistles.  

Here is some basic information about our courses:

They are 3 hours in length with a minimum of 5 modules (not including the introduction section).  Each module must contain 5 instances of interactivity and at the end of the module there is a 5 question quiz.  All slides must be timed and the student can't proceed to the next slide until they have completed the current slide.  

We have the course content but need help with putting it into Storyline.  Many of the current classes are in Powerpoint but in looking forward for new classes they will most likely be in word. 

A rough estimate of costs is what I am really looking for.  

Thank you and I am looking forward to hearing form you. 


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Marc Lee

Hi, Jenny,

I might be able to it turns out I'm currently doing some work putting RE/MAX content into SL; so I understand the content pretty well.  My wife's a Realtor also .  

If you're not doing mobile, then we could do the interactives in Flash which offers us far more freedom to create custon interactions. Once I learned more (see content you have) I'd be glad to give you an estimate.

-Marc Lee



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Bruce Graham

Hi Jenny, and welcome to the Heroes forum.

Would it be possible to re-post this over on the "Building Better Courses" side of the forum? This is more the technical support side, and the freelancers tend to hang out there.

Thanks - welcome, and I hope you find the person you are looking for.