Missing text-entry interaction in Try-Mode project

Hi Team

I'm building a Try-Mode project to train users on a new system we're implementing. In my recording in a couple of places I have clicked a field and typed in some text. Storyline usually builds-in a slide which prompts the user to enter that text in Try-Mode but in this instance it has missed this out each time I've typed something. It is as if Storyline didn't realise I even typed anything.

I'd rather not re-record -- does anyone know how to manually insert a text-entry slide? Storyline usually seems to do it via a quiz form but I can't figure out how to do it manually.

Thanks in advance for any bright ideas!

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Crystal Horn

Hi Steve!  It sounds like Storyline didn't get all of the information from the program that you were working with when you did your screen recording.  Here's some information about when text entry fields aren't quite right in the try or test mode slides from a screen recording.

Without using a quiz slide, you could insert a text entry field and build out triggers with conditions to provide hints, a try again layer or whatever else you might need.

Let us know how you make out!