Mixed question banks into a single quiz based on shared and site specific questions

Oct 22, 2019

Issue: I need to create a 10-question quiz for site A and a 10-question quiz for site B. My issue is two of the questions are site specific. Depending on which site path you chose in the course will determine which version of the two site questions you get in the quiz.

My current setup is as follows:

·         8 questions in shared question bank.

·         2 questions (site specific) in site A’s question bank.

·         2 questions (site specific) in site B’s question bank.

I'd also like to have it report out to one result slide if possible. I have a T/F variable setup to track which site the learner has chosen.

What is the best way to accomplish this? I currently only have 2 question draws. Hopefully this makes sense. Note: this is my first time dealing with multiple question banks. Any help you can provide is truly appreciated.

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Tony!

Sounds like you're off to a good start! I've seen this done in a few different ways. Creating two separate question banks is the right call. Now we'll need to find a way to report scores to one results slide. Here is one discussion that will hopefully provide insight.

Do you have a file we could look at? 

You can do so by using the "add attachment" button in this discussion. Or you can share the file privately with our Support Engineers by using this link.

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