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Sam Carter

Hugely sorry to find this page about lack of SCORM support for Mobile Player

Here's a quote:  "You can’t track learners when they use Articulate Mobile Player, because AICC and SCORM, the communication standards used by learning management systems, don’t support mobile apps. We’re working with Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) and Rustici Software to help shape a new standard to address the issue."

The comparison matrix on the Articulate Storyline Product Support page should be updated to show the lack of SCORM support in Mobile Player.

All the courses we launch are hosted on SCORM compliant Learning Management Systems.  The Articulate Mobile Player is of no commercial value to us.

Brian Batt

Hi Sam,

Unfortunately, SCORM isn't robust enough to support the communication necessary to track the content within the Articulate Mobile Player.  Thus, we're working with Rustici and ADL on Project Tin Can.  However, you can publish to HTML5 and the content will track as expected on the iPad.  For more information, see the link below:


Regarding the comparison matrix, the information that you're looking for is under the LMS label: