Mock responsivity possibilities?

Aug 21, 2023


I know Storyline isn't as responsive as rise and therefore i'm trying to find out ways to mock this a little.

Easiest is to make just 2 versions of a training (landscape for pc/ portrait for mobile) and tell the webowner to direct to either depending on dimensions the user is accessing the content on (right?).

I'm also aware of the option to prevent users from using portrait mode. 

I'm also aware storyline does not allow a single course to have different screensizes (That would be an awasome feature by the way).

What i'm looking after is a way that the content in story will NOT resize (downsize) when a user is using portrait mode.

This way i could offer a switch button (portrait/landscape). The portrait mode would then just ignore the bigger size (left and right) and i could then rebuild the contents in a landscape slide so that it would fit into a static portrait situation.

Is this possible (i'm trying to be as clear as possible but having trouble to describe/explain myself).

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