Modifying "Results.PassPoints" and "Results.ScorePoints"

Jan 22, 2021

Hello from Switzerland,

We would like to score some of the questions in a - for us - more logical way.

Say you have a multiple-choice question with 4 answers. Two (2) answers are right and the other two (2) answers are wrong.

For each right answer the trainee gets one (1) point.
For each wrong answer he/she gets minus one (-1) point.
The sum (let's call it X) is the result. The range would be from -2 to +2.
If X<0 (in other words X is in the minus), then the total points for this question is zero (0). We don't want to subtract points gained from other questions.

Hence, the total points for the above example would range from zero (0) to two (2).

Keeping track of "manually scorred" questions can be done with variables (e.g. ManualPass and ManualScore). No problem so far. But how can we "integrate" these manually calculated values into the final results "Results.PassPoints" and "Results.ScorePoints"? It seems these two built-in variables are "write protected". Now that would be bad news!

The easiest would be to have some access to the Pass and Score points during the test. In that case "ManualPass" and "ManualScore" would not be needed.

Looking forward to some useful answer/solution.

Best wishes to you all from snowy Switzerland


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