Module not publishing correctly

I have a module in Storyline 360 with 18 scenes there's just over 130 slides in total. There's 8 topic/content scenes and 8 quiz scenes (each quiz has a separate results slide). You have to pass all the quizzes in order to complete the course. There's navigation at the bottom of each slide which tells you which topic you're in and which topic you've completed (based on variables in the master slide).

I'm having trouble publishing the module.

In Articulate Review the module doesn't publish at all anymore (it did used to but now once it's published the module won't open).

The SCORM package is publishing and the module opens in scorm cloud but I am finding that some of the buttons aren't working correctly, you click on a button and it loads for ages and nothing happens. When you republish the module the button works but somewhere else another button doesn't work (I found this happens more in module slides near the end).

Is there a reason why my module might not be behaving correctly? Help please!

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