More than one condition in a trigger

Apr 21, 2015


I'm trying to create a trigger that enables me to select the correct amount of Oxygen delivered (ie. 24%), after I have selected the correct delivery method from 'Face mask',  'naso-specs' or non re-breathing reservoir mask'. In one particular scenario I want to choose 24% of oxyen to be associated with  one selection of the possible correct delivery methods: 'face mask' or 'naso-specs'. However, when selecting non re-breathing reservoir mask this would count as wrong.

Moreover, the outcome would turn out wrong if the oxygen delivered does not match 24%.

Is the above possible? If anyone has a simple, clear suggestion it would make my day. :-)




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Greg Faust

Like Ravindra said, a .story would help. I have no idea what the context is. Is this supposed to be a multiple choice quiz question? Or maybe multiple questions on one page?

For example,

"Pick the correct amount of oxygen for each device.

Face mask
a. 14%
b. 24%
c. 34%

a. 14%
b. 24%
c. 34%

Non re-breathing reservoir mask
a. 14%
b. 24%
c. 34%"

Anyway, yes, there are a couple ways to achieve that kind of effect. The easiest (albeit least customizable) is to use Storyline's built-in quiz slides; there's a place for you to select the correct answer to each question.

Deanna Brigman

It seems like what you are looking for is a Condition.

Ex. Show Layer "correct" when user clicks "Submit" On Condition CheckboxA's state is selected AND Checkbox1's state is selected.

You would have to do this for every combination of correct answers, and you would also have to set up when the Incorrect layer would show.

Hopefully this is what you were looking for, otherwise I would suggest uploading what you have so far, or describing in more detail how you expect the question to function. 

Joe Turi

Hi Deanna,

Not sure if the others in this forum who responded to my query will see this – by the way, thank-you to all for quickly offering support.

What I am trying to create is quite complicated, there are many variants of correct/wrong answers, so I do realise I will need to do more preparation work and get back in here with a more scaled down query. Also for confidential reasons pertaining the tool I’m creating, I prefer not to share anything yet.

In the meantime, as a different approach to what I’m doing at the moment, I will attempt the option you are suggesting using layers and states. Let’s see if this might offer an alternative to what I was doing.

Thank your very much for now.



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