Most ridiculous upgrade ever - Quiz in articulate storyline

I have been using the articulate products from their inception, and today I became very upset on how certain features are/were added or removed without QUALITY control.


simple example: Quiz in the storyline.

All my client wanted is to change the color of the matching drag and drop boxes from default WHITE on both sides to the GREEN on the question side.

but , nooo, articulate storyline does not allow to do so- why? Because the developer thought that white on both ends will be sufficient.

Secondly, in the same quiz - I am simply unable to progress to the next slide when completing the quiz, or add a checkmark icon as a successful entry.

Thirdly, every time I click inside any of the text boxes text jiggles- and unless I move the cursor out of the box I will not see my formatting? who is your TQS person?


Finally in the Quizmaker 9 there is an option to change the player template for the quiz - where is that option in there is  MORE expensive version of the articulate product - storyline?

Really, for a product that cost 1500 dollars the quality control must be excellent but currently our organization is seriously considering  not upgrading to storyline 2 or use any of the products of articulate switching to the competitors.

you build something nice but delete or forget to keep something that we like thinking let them figure it out? but we are still here, not dead and trying to find "ways" to use your product  "easily"

really, guys, very upset



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Phil Mayor

Hi Mehdi, hopefully I can help with some of these,

To stop text moving when you click in a textbook you must work at 100% zoom this was also the case with Quizmaker as they share the same text editor.

Instead of using the matching drag and drop question you can achieve what you want using a freeform drag and drop, this is much more flexible.

As Storyline uses a single player there is no option to change the player this is the same in the new studio 13

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Mehdi,

It looks like Phil provided answers for all of your questions, but if you believe there is a behavior that is a bug or unintended please know we're always happy to take a look at the file here in the forums or by sending it along to our Support team. 

Also, if there are particular features you'd like to see in any of our products you can also share your thoughts here directly with our product development team.