Motion path issue

Apr 04, 2016


I have an issue with my motion path... I have created a map with a character that moves along the road when user clicks on a building (hotspot). 

When I launch a preview of the slide with the map (slide 2.1), the character moves correctly, from the beginning of the road.

When I launch a preview of the whole project, the character does not appear immediately, so that it has already moved along 1/3 of the motion path before it becomes visible.

I have attached my .story file.

Any idea? Thank you for your help.

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Julie Stelter

Hi Isabelle,

I see what you mean. There is definitely a lag. Before going further, perhaps you should test in the LMS or the delivery method you are going to use to see if the problem persists. Then try these two methods. Move the small character back on the path so when it does show up it shows up at the beginning of the "street." Change the duration of the path to longer. Maybe Storyline is struggling to follow the path in the 2 seconds it's allotted. Both of these solutions helped on my machine, but the test really is in the deployment.



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Isabelle,

Thanks for sharing your file. I saw the same thing you shared, and then I also tried to import the file into a new project to help resolve any issues and then I didn't see the character at all in regards to the motion path. That would lead me to believe there is something off within the file itself - have you checked to confirm that you're following along with the general guidelines as detailed here. 

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