Motion path easing issue - shape vs. shape text (+ animation out not working)

Oct 20, 2020

Hi Heroes

I got two issues with Motion Paths:

1) Easing: When a shape with text has states with another shape on it (haven't tried with other objects), the easing on the text+extra shape and the original shape is out of sync. There's no easing on the text as far as my eyes can tell. 

This issue continues even when the extra shape is deleted from the states.  

2) I'm having issues with Out Animation on some of my shapes with motion paths. They just don't work.  I don't know why this is the case in some instances, but not others. 


I've attached a project with two slides for reference. Slide 1 shows the easing issue (click on the boxes for them to move) - and also that animation out works on some shapes with motions pathes. Slide 2 just shows how animation out doesn't work. 

Wait for timeline to stop before clicking the boxes (5 seconds)

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Christian,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing what you are experiencing in your project file. I did see the issue on the first slide that you mentioned, but I am not sure about the culprit. 

I've opened a support case on your behalf so that one of our support engineers can take a deeper look and work with you directly.

You should be hearing from someone soon.

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