Motion Paths are acting erratically

Dec 07, 2022

From a different thread, I had an issue with my triggers. that was a quick fix, but now I have erratic motion path behavior.  The below was my question in that thread, but it has not had any comments.  Before contacting support, does anyone have any suggestions?

original post: However, each time I think I have it down and can just copy and edit triggers, bugs show up.  I have attached my project. Everything was working as expected...until I added the third motion path.  now all the motion paths are acting erratic. I tried this project with one motion path and intersecting hot spots, but I opted for individual paths to ensure I could see when all the triggers were working correctly and was afraid of multiple things happening on one motion path. Does anyone see why adding the third path made the other 2 go nuts? I need to add a whole bunch more, so I need to get out in front of this!

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Tom Kuhlmann

I don't have the time to look through the entire project with all of the triggers, but I rebuilt the core interaction and it works as it should. I suspect there's a conflict somewhere with the triggers.

Attached is the slides with my prototype

Jennifer Weideman

Thank you Tom for taking time to look into this for me. I am learning so much with this advanced project.  I had staggered the motion paths to help me visualize the separate paths and intended to link them after the project was done.  Linking them up now and removing the set to relative start point seems to have fixed the erratic behavior.  I thought it might have been the navigation off of the slide for the board and then returning to the board that was causing the program to send the game piece floating around :)