Motion Paths

May 11, 2015

I'm trying to use motion paths to move an oval down a check list of items. While I love the feature, it's not intuitive in how to select a motion path. With 5 motion paths in close proximity to each other, how can I tell which one I have selected?

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david mckisick

I agree, the Move functionality is really neat and does seem to work well, however it is not effective at showing you how things will appear at the end of the animation. This is acutely troubling when you wish to move an object and then, say for example, highlight things on that object after it has completed its move animation. Where are you supposed to place your highlight objects when you can't see where to put them? THIS is the problem.

What I am doing as a workaround to this is to create a duplicate object and place it on the slide where I wish the original object to move to, and then setup my object highlighting on the duplicate, as well as use the duplicate as a Move animation target for the original object. After everything is setup, I can then delete my duplicate object. I think you should be able to use a workaround like this to help you with multiple motion paths as well. Just create multiple duplicate objects to use as your Move path targets.

I think what is really needed as a true fix is for Articulate to add "Snap to object" functionality to the motion path options. this way I can just set my Move animation to "snap" to another object or area I set on the slide. Another good option is to add object "Position" options to the Move animation options, so you can specify the X/Y coordinates you with the animation to move to.

sandie coco

Not quite certain I follow David's suggestions.

I was trying to select a motion path & it's hard to know which one I've selected since they all originate from the same location. I played around with using Relative Start, but finding where I place the object's end position is not actually where it goes. For instance in the screenshot, I have Nslookup marked with an oval. I want that oval to move down the list. Moving to the next item is easier since there's no relative start. However, when I select to move to the 4th one (Traceroute), the oval actually moves past the list rather than stopping on Traceroute, which is where I placed the end.

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