Motion Paths don't work when I put the triggers on a layer?

Oct 05, 2017

Hi Gang, 
I'm somewhat new hear but have been picking up a lot of info! 
having said that, I whipped up a quick little demo to help myself learn about motion paths, triggers and variables. 

Recently I haven't been able to get the relative motion paths to work on a game board design. 
Today was the first day I actually got it to work! (YAY!)

I went a bit further and started putting my buttons in layers so that when one was clicked it would hide the rest. As soon as I did this my relative motion paths stopped working. 

Any help would be most appreciative! 

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Walt Hamilton

When you go to another slide, and return to the first one again, SL offers you the option of always returning to the saved state of the slide, starting the slide again from the beginning, or letting the program decide. Your slide 1.1 is set to let the program decide:


It is deciding to restart, which means that all objects get reset to their initial state and position, including Timmy. Try changing this to return to "saved state", and see if that works better.

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