Motions shown in Action Fine Tuning preview not showing in slide preview

Apr 23, 2020

Using Storyline 360, after editing a Try mode screen recording using Action Fine Tuning to show an expanded part of the recording, the preview in Action Fine Tuning is correct but upon saving change, slide preview does not show any action. The 'Show Animation' box is checked. Any suggestions?

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Vincent Scoma

Hi Therese,

Happy to help!

I having some trouble trying to recreate the issue you are seeing. A couple of questions for you on this:

  • Is the issue happening during preview, in the published output, or both?
  • Is this happening in other Storyline files?
  • May I ask if you could create a Peek 360 screen recording of your steps so I can see first-hand?

I look forward to hearing more as we get to the bottom of this!

Therese Cormack

Thanks, Vincent. This is actually happening to a co-worker's story. I know for sure it was happening during slide preview. I don't know if it also happened in the published output. I think he has gone and re-worked it so that it shows the action as completed instead of showing the action being completed (filling in a field with a value) so I don't know that I can show you a recording. I had experienced this in a past story I developed and in frustration just did the same thing and showed the end result of the field filled in instead of showing the animation of the field being filled in. Just thought I'd see if this was a known issue with the program or not.

Lauren Connelly

Hello Therese!

Thank you for these extra details! I just tested this out on my end and unfortunately, I didn't see the error you're referring to.

It seems like this snag isn't the easiest to recreate on our end, so would it be possible for you to share the file with us privately? Here's a link that will allow our Support Engineers to take a deeper dive into the file!


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