Mouse Image - Screen Demo Recording - Different in Different Instances - What to do?

I have a weird issue that I'm wondering if you have seen before.

I'm updating a course in Storyline 3. The .story file was already in Storyline 3, so I didn't need to convert it. But I'm pretty sure the very original course was created in Storyline 1.

The course includes a recorded screen demonstration. I am getting different mouse visuals depending what environment I play back the course in. Here are some examples:

  • Mouse varies between I-mouse and simply being invisible:
    • Current, old version on LMS
  • Mouse varies between I-mouse and an image of what appears to be floppy disc:
    • Preview -- My oldest .story file (Storyline 3, flash HTML 5 fallback)
    • Preview-- My lastest, course update .story file (Storyline 3, HTML 5)
    • Published to local drive, lastest version, launched in Chrome
  • Mouse varies between I-mouse and an image of what appears to be a white "X" in a black box:
    • Published to local drive, launched in IE, HTML 5
    • LMS test site, version with latest updates, HTML5

Has anyone experience this? Is so, what was your solution.

Thanks so much!



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard


That sounds quite strange and is likely confusing to see the mouse cursor changing throughout the course. I'm curious if you've looked into each slide itself to see if you've set it up to use any of the other built-in cursors, or other cursors you may have added?

I'm also happy to take a look at the course if you can share here by uploading the .story file. If you need to share privately, feel free to send along to our Support Team

Patrick Lambe

Hi Ashley. Thanks for your response!

The original slides mostly use the white mouse pointer provided. As you read, this mouse doesn't appear in any of the scenarios listed.

Because the screens include proprietary content, I'm not allowed to shared it. I'll play around to see if I can "trick" the white mouse pointer to appear in previewed / published content.

Thanks again,


Patrick Lambe

Thanks Ren.

I did the following:

  • Went into the .story file and changed the mouse to something I didn't want and saved it.
  • Went back in and changed it back to the original mouse choices. I saved and re-published.

That solved it. Now everything is working fine. That was much easier than all of the troubleshooting I did :)

Thank you for all of your responses!