mouse movement impacting state change?

May 19, 2022

Hi there! Pleeeease help me figure this out...

I've created buttons on the base layer that show slide layers when clicked. Once you click the button and are taken to the layer, I have an additional trigger to change the state of the button on the base slide to disabled once the timeline on the slide layer ends. I've noticed that if you click the button on the base layer and then don't move the mouse while the audio on the slide layer plays, the disabling doesn't function as I would expect. The button disables as expected, but as soon as I move the mouse to click a different button and show a new layer, the button that should be disabled activates again. If I were to click the button on the base layer and move the mouse off of the base layer button while the slide layer audio is playing (before the trigger gets triggered), then the disabling trigger works as expected.

I'm banging my head against the wall. What is the issue?? 

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Walt Hamilton

It sounds like the button has a hover state that is set to return to original state when hover is off. Showing another layer doesn't register as moving off. Only when the button senses the mouse crossing its boundary does it register that hover is off. So hover is on, layer closes, state changes to disabled, mouse moves off, button changes back to previous state.

Sarah Dauterive

What I actually have is a stalk of corn with 4 ears on it and 4 buttons associated with each ear. When you hover over an ear, a trigger makes the corresponding button change to a hover state, signaling that you can click the ear to play the audio for that button. You can also just click the button directly to play the audio. There is no trigger that I set up for the button to make it hover since that is built in automatically.