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Michel Koster

I already send a feature request to improve this.

I chose 'slow' here, because then the difference between start, middle and end of movement is the smallest.

What I want is very simple and I am surprised (actually an understatement) it's not possible. I have a timescale on a graphchart and want a line to move accordingly. My line moves from 0 to 8 seconds and every second should take a second. Now the first second takes more but the seconds 3 to 5 are faster then 2 seconds.

Emily Ruby

Hello Michel!

Motion paths start and end smoothly by default, meaning the starting and ending speed is a bit slower than the rest of the animation. This is called Easing. You can turn the easing on/off for the starting and ending points using the drop-down Direction, then adjust the subtlety using the Speed drop-down.

Hope this helps!

Michel Koster

Thank you,

I couldn't find it because it's in a counter intuitive place for me. It's not in the 'speed' section but in the 'direction' setting.

So I should have set 'direction' to 'none' in the easing menu.
I would expact it to be above fast, medium, slow, ... 'none' in the speed section, as you also say.

Anyway: now I know! And problem solved.

Thank you both for the help and effort! :-)

Michel Koster

Thanks for your explanation, I understand why it's in the direction setting now.

(English isn't my native language, so that is sometimes part of the problem).

I didn't say this yet, but now that I know this, I can make an animation I've been waiting to make since my first project in SL1!

Very happy about the incorporation of animations in SL2!