Moving Downloaded Articulate Mobile Player Content from One Device to Another

May 15, 2015

Is it possible to move content downloaded into the Articulate Mobile Player app from one iPad to another? For example, if there were mobile courses that are no longer available online but you have saved in the library of AMP on your iPad, can you move that content to another iPad with AMP?

Similarly, is there a way to back up the content you've downloaded to an iPad using AMP? I have some content that only exists on my iPad in AMP. I wouldn't want to lose it and I suspect at some time I'll upgrade to a new iPad. How would one manage that?


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Brett,

I don't believe there is any way to move content to another iPad. 

I also don't know of a back up method,and haven't tested to see if the iPad normal back up will keep all the courses within your mobile player. I suspect you'd have to redownload it to that particular ipad - but the content must exist somewhere that you linked to it to access it initially on the iPad? 

Brett Rockwood

Hi Ashley,

It is curious about the back up; I don't think iCloud would capture it automatically but I could be wrong. Maybe backing up the iPad directly to a Mac using iTunes would do it. I'll have to give that a try.

Funny you mention the content must exist somewhere as what I'm thinking about was something I put on Tempshare a while ago so it doesn't actually exist anymore. I'm sure there are other cases where similar situation are true.

Anyway, thanks for the thoughts. If I find an answer I'll let you know.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Brett, 

I never back up my work iPad... :-(  so I don't know entirely how it would work either, but it's worth a try. 

Is it still just in your library or can you still click and access it? I often see things that are still in my library but no longer accessible once clicking on them. If the link no longer exists it doesn't remove it from your library, you have to manually delete it. 

Brett Rockwood

Hi Ashley,

It's more of a theoretical question at this point. I have a few things in my library that I've downloaded to the iPad and they work fine.

I was just trying to mull over how someone who had downloaded content to their iPad and then bought a new one would get that content on the new device if the existing published material no longer existed (e.g., the course gets taken off a webserver because it's no longer used but you like to maintain a copy for your records or portfolio or something). 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Always asking the tough theoretical questions on a Friday afternoon... ;-)

Were they accessible to download for offline viewing? I have a number of courses in my library that were likely hosted in a number of locations (SCORM, AO, Tempshare, other users sites, etc.) and a number are no longer accessible - and I know personally I delete SCORM content regularly so I don't exceed the 100 mb limit. :-) 

Gwenaelle M.


I see this post is old but I read that Brett thought of using iCloud with the Aritculate Mobile Player : what I do not succeed in. When I open the section on my iPad and see the different applications I can allow to be shared through iCloud, the AMP does not appear. It is well installed on the iPad, I am able to open and use it but I can not see it anywhere in the settings.

Did anyone succeed in synchronising the AMP through iCloud ?

Thank you :)

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