MP4 output always show a blank white frame ...

Nov 27, 2019

Hi Whenever, i published the storyline output as MP4 video the first frame always having a blank white frame, but its not showing the slide image for the first slide?

Is this bug in MP4 publishing in Storyline 360? and how to fix this?

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Doug!

I'm happy to investigate! Which version of Storyline are you using?

Unfortunately, we didn't hear back from SibaPrasad but it would be helpful to see a file where this is occurring. Would you mind sharing your file with us either in this discussion or using this private link?

We'll report back with our findings!

Karen P

I'm having the same issue and wonder if you could share details of the Replay workaround? I have a Storyline course that I've published to MP4, am inserting into a Rise course, but the inserted video doesn't display the first frame image - just a blank white screen. Is there any way to choose an intro/thumbnail image in Storyline without involving another tool?



Vincent Scoma

Hi Karen,

Happy to help here! 

When publishing a Storyline course to MP4 and importing it into Rise, this will display the first frame of an MP4 video as the thumbnail. The workaround here is to:

  1. Insert the published MP4 video into Replay 360.
  2. Then insert an image that will appear before the video starts.
  3. Now republish the video as an MP4 and insert this file into the Rise 360 course.

The image will now appear as the thumbnail instead of a blank screen. This guide provides more details on adding images to Replay 360 here: 

Please let us know if you have any questions! 

Georg Volmer

Hi Articulate Staff, i ran into the same problem today. While a workaround of editing out the first frame of the video i published in storyline did the trick for me, i still think this should be addressed as a bug in storyline. Why does Storyline publish videos with a white frame in the beginning? I think i should be able to decide how my published video looks from start to finish. And using the workaround takes up time and ressources in the production process.