MP4 publish format begins video with a black screen

Sep 21, 2023

Hello everyone,

When I publish my storyline file in MP4 format, which I'm using as a component in Rise 360 as part of a module, however the video displays as a black screen prior to the learner clicking on it. Any advice on how to add a poster frame to this file prior to publishing? Many thanks!

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Jose Tansengco

Hello Lisset, 

Happy to help!

You can try inserting an image into your published video so that this frame is what appears as the thumbnail when the video is added to a Rise 360 course. Here's how: 

  1. Publish your Storyline 360 course to video
  2. Edit the published video in Replay 360 and add the desired image at the start.
  3. Publish the Replay 360 project
  4. Add the video to your Rise 360 course.

Hope this helps!