MP4 + textbox with wipe on 2 consecutive slides causes timeline to not work in Chrome + Windows 10

Hi guys

I have lodged this with support as an issue.

I think I found a win 10 related bug, tested on two machines and one win 8 machine.when you publish this file. you will get the issue that the timeline stops working.

what you do:
- create 2 slides both with mp4 video on it
- place a textfield with a wipe animation in both slides
- publish the file
- in win 10 + google chrome the second slide won't play the time line properly, only what is immediately at the start of the time line will play
- this is tested to work fine in win 8

- work around methods
1 - remove the wipe animations

alternative work around(this may be a hint to where the issue lies)
2 - place a empty 0.5 second slide in-between the two slides

I have attached the file you will have to publish it

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byron tik


Thanks for contacting Articulate Support and for uploading your project file.

We have reviewed your project file and we were able to duplicate your issue. I have submitted your case to our Quality Assurance team for their review.

As an additional workarounds, you can try doing the following below:

1) Disable seekbar in slide 1

2) Move the start time of the object with animation in slide 2 to .25 second so that it will not start at 0 second

We will keep you updated with any developments related to this issue.