Multi choice quiz - any option correct

In my end of module quiz, I have one question where any answer could be correct - there is no one 'correct' answer. (It's an ethics question, so all depends on your ethics).

I have a multiple choice question with three options to choose from. At the moment, the 'Correct' and 'Incorrect' feedback is identical, so they get the same feedback whichever option they choose.

I am not sure how to set up a trigger/variable so that the student is marked as 'correct' no matter which option they chose, as I'd like it to be included in the final results slide. 

Originally I just unticked the slide so it wasn't included in the results, but user testing showed that this bothered students as their final percentage wasn't correct (even though it is a self test only, not formal assessment.)

Can anyone help? I don't have a good enough understanding of how the submit button and results slides are set up!

Attached is a file with two sample quiz questions. Working on Storyline 2.

Thank you, Sarah

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Raquel Meyer

If someone has an easier way, please do post.

You could track if they got that specific question correct with you own True/False variable. Then you could add a "hidden quiz question" which will just look like a black screen to the users. I generally put this right before the results slide.

Essentially behind a black rectangle I have a quiz question that counts towards the results slide. Using triggers and the variable, I automatically answer the question correctly or incorrectly and then move on to the results slide. All the user sees is a black screen for a split second.

That slide may look like this:

-If they get your question right, set the variable to true

- Create a multiple choice slide to be your "hidden quiz question" and have two radio buttons on the slide, one correct and one incorrect. Setup the quiz so that the correct radio button is the correct answer. Set the timeline to the shortest time you can. Set a black rectangle over the slide so the user doesn't see any of this.


1. Change state of Correct radio button to Selected if variable is equal to true when the timeline starts

2. Change state of incorrect radio button to Selected if variable is equal to false when the timeline starts

3. Submit interaction (multiple choice) when the timeline ends.

Now it will move to the Correct or Incorrect Layer. Set the timeline to the smallest time you can. Trigger:

1. Jump to next slide (or what ever slide you want) when timeline ends.

This way your question does end up counting and all the user will see is a quick black screen. I have also set this up so that it matches the design of the module. It's essentially a blank looking slide (in the design of the module) by making everything "transparent 100%" that the user sees when the above triggers are doing their thing. Then it moves into the results slide which fades in. That way to the user is just looks like the results slide was fading in.


Sorry if this is overly complicated.

Sarah Cook

Hi Derek,

I suspected it would be complicated as I tried a few things and it was beyond me! Thank you for taking the time to answer my question.

Before I dive in and try this - you mentioned you set it up - did you actually build this solution for me? If you did - thank you - though you forgot to attach it. Would you mind attaching it?

If you didn't build it I would completely understand as it sounds quite time consuming! From what you wrote it sounded like you did so just thought I'd check before I do.

Once again, thanks for taking the time.


Sarah Cook

Hi again Derek,

Unfortunately I couldn't open your file as I am still on SL2 and I think you must have 360/3.

I did however follow your steps this morning with a fresh brain and it wasn't as complicated as it appears. It works perfectly.

Just in case anyone else follows this - I also had to remember to untick the 'any answer correct' question on the results slide so it didn't count towards the final % result. I also deleted the new hidden question slide from the menu in the player.

Thanks again, you save me a lot of time!