Multi-slide Triggers

Mar 15, 2016

Hi all!

I'm trying to build a check list-like course and I'm hoping there's a way to setup inter-slide triggers.

For example;  Slide one is the master check-list if you will.  Each list item leads it's own slide of sub-tasks to complete.  I want the check-box on the master check-list to automatically check once the user has completed all the sub-tasks of each particular item (in other words, once the user has checked off all the sub-task items on slide 2, that master check-list item on slide one becomes checked).

Is there any way to make this happen, or any suggestions/recommendations?

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Meetingmax Planning

Thanks Mike and Christie.  I've attached my course.  I'm still struggling trying to to get the check marks on slide 1.2 Check List to change to DONE state when all the checkboxes on Slide 1.5 Client/Planner Meeting have been checked. (I want to eventually do the same within the multi layers of the Client/Planner meeting slide).  

Lastly, is it possible to also have the option to check the check mark on the first slide manually if the variables in the trigger are not all met? (ie if someone wants to purposely not complete one item but still mark as complete?)


Appreciate all your help!!

Mike B.

I haven't use a "Toggle" trigger before, so I'm not exactly clear on how it works. I kind of got this working, but I noticed that if I clicked on one of the check boxes and then unchecked it, the variable is not toggled back. I'm guessing another trigger is needed for that. I modified one trigger on 1.2 and one on 1.5. Hopefully this gets you a little further along. Take a look.

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