Multiple choice drop down not accumulating correct answers

Jun 18, 2019

Hi everyone, 

I made this really neat drop down quiz with multiple choice options and everything is looking great, except that once I click submit, it states I must answer all questions first... but all the options are selected. Would someone happen to know what step I missed in creating this file?

Thanks a billion for any guidance you can offer,

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Aris Garner

Thanks for responding so quickly, Cary! I noticed the same, but I was following this example, ( where the instructor sets a "Yes" and "No" button and adjusts the variables to "Equal to" or "Not Equal to" which I followed directly but I am not receiving the same result. Perhaps it has to do with the direct triggers attached to those responsive answers?

Cary Glenn

Two things I noticed. In the video there are incorrect and correct slide layers; your example seems to be missing those. In the video the "Submit Interaction" trigger is at the bottom; yours is at the top. Storyline evaluates the triggers in order from top to bottom. That may be why it is showing up properly. I tried moving it down but was unable. 

One other thing I found is that some layers had the hide layer trigger at the top, these should be below the change state trigger.

Cary Glenn

I followed Mike's description and got a version to work. I believe one of the issues is having a custom submit button rather than the built in one. I had to delete the free form and then add it back in. I don't know the right answers but I think I've got it to the point where you can change the variables to change the state of incorrect and correct yourself.

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