Multiple Choice Knowledge Check (Ungraded - Multiple Attempts Allowed) Restricted Menu

Feb 03, 2023

Hi, I am new to Storyline 360 (and eLearning development in general). I must include 10 multiple choice-type knowledge check questions throughout the course I am developing. The learner may attempt as many times as needed but must answer correctly before being allowed to move ahead (course is set up as restricted menu and navigation). A results slide is not needed as a "gradr" is not required - they simply have to slect the correct answer before moving ahead in the course. Once the correct answer is submitted, the learner should not have to answer again upon a revisit - so the slide is set to "Resume Saved State" upon revisit.

Could someone please review the knowledge check I created (attached) and let me know:

  • if there is a better way to do it? Or,
  • if you see any potential problems with restricted navigation, or the next button, that I may encounter down the road?

The "A" and "B" slides are there simply to illustate behaviors of the Prev and Next buttons.

I have practiced various anticipated learner behaviors depending on how and when the learner moves back and forth between slides and so far I can't see any issue. However, I feel there may be a better way to accimplish this, or perhaps I should be using some kinds of triggers/variables/conditions to make sure what I expect to happen does. I got burned earlier on an interactive slide I created with layers and had to add variables and conditions to keep the learner from getting stuck or bypassing content. I just need to make sure this knowledge check is okay, since it has layers as well, without adding anything more.


Thanks so much!

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Jose Tansengco

Hello Sonya,

Thanks for reaching out!

I took a look at your project file and it looks like its properly configured to restrict navigation so that your learners are unable to skip ahead. Here are some observations that I made:

  • This trigger will override the restricted navigation by allowing your learners to skip ahead to the next slide.

  • You have multiple incorrect layers in your knowledge check slide. This doesn't affect navigation, but you may want to remove unused layers to avoid any confusion when making changes to your project. 

Other than those two, everything else looks pretty straightforward. I you run into any issues with your project file, let us know here or through a support case and we'll be glad to help!