Multiple Choice question frozen/not working?

Jul 29, 2013


I've built a rather complex quiz game and I'm working through a few bugs.  One is that my multiple choice questions seem to be frozen after publishing.

ie. when I preview the question slide it works just fine but after publishing, when I go to the question slide via a question draw it doesn't work...I can't select the answers and nothing happens when you click submit.

Has anyone encountered this problem before that might be able to point me to a possible fix?


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Dennis Hall

Hi Miriam:

A couple of things to look for...

When you hover your mouse over the answers, do you see the light turqois hover coler displaying? If yes, is it displaying in front of answers you want to select?

If yes to both answers above, your hover are for the answers are overlapping each other - dissallowing you the ability to select them.

For you submit issue, how many retries have you set? Also check that you still have information to display in your feedback layers. It is possible you are getting a response to not answering the question, but your feedback layer is an empty template.

Hope this helps.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

Miriam de Jonge

Thanks Dennis!

When I hover over answers the mouse changes to a hand, but the turquoise colour doesn't show.  Hovering over the submit button again shows the hand, and the submit button changes to 'hover' state, but nothing seems to happen.  I do have my correct and incorrect feedback layers which are working in preview mode but not in publish mode.  :(

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