multiple choice question in an special case

Jun 01, 2013

hi, i need to make an special multiple choice quiz like show this image example:

i´m trying to get the best Multiple Choice method but it just ask me a Question ("ENTER THE QUESTION"), i know that this kind of method doesn´t lead me to nice result! I need (how the above image show him) to select one of two possible choice for 7 questions!  What do you think about the best quiz method to do it?



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Charles Zoffuto

Juanma, as you pointed out yourself, you don't have a single question but 7 questions. You can't have 7 questions on a single slide. My first suggestion would be to break this question across 7 slides.

If you neeed everything on a single slide then I would suggest you use "pick many" free form type. You choices could be check box buttons. To prevent the learners from picking both of the days in a question, you could make each of the 7 pairs into a question group.

Contact me if you more specific instructions.

juanma andreani

@Michael your example is right! im very glad to you, although i have a problem with the "correct" window! 

When i finish with the right choices the "correct window" isnt available, instead it´s showing the follow message: "You must complete the question before submitting". But i just had fill Ok all the checks field :(

screen view: 

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