Multiple Conditions on a Slide with Variables

Dec 09, 2015

Please help me! I've spent way too many hours trying variations of the same thing and am getting nowhere.  

Page Description:

For this interaction, the learner has to click on images of 4 different people to get an opinion about the topic. 

Once they have clicked on each image and received the opinion, I want to show another layer that asks them to enter some text and press Enter to display another layer with some guided advice.


I have a base layer and six slide layers (four opinion, one text entry with an image, one with guided advice).

Base Layer 

For the base layer, I've created triggers on each image that open the corresponding opinion layer and change the state of the object to visited. 

Four Opinion Layers

I created variables for each of the opinion layers and triggers to change the variable to True once the learner clicks outside the image on the layer. (I've also tried setting the variable to True when the learner click on the opinion image in the base layer.)

The four opinion layer options work just the way I want them to, but what's happening is that even though I've created another trigger on the base layer which is Show Guided Advice layer when opinion 1, opinion 2, opinion 3 and opinion 4 states are True), it isn't displaying the Guided Advice layer.

I've tried messing around with pausing timelines in the base layer and adding conditional triggers, too.

It seems like the issue is in the base layer. 

Any ideas you can think of without having the file?  I can send the file, too, if necessary.

Thanks a million!

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David Jordan

I had a similar issue with what i was doing. I had a slide with 4 buttons on it. These button would open a light box. I did not want the user to access the next slide until al lthe buttons had been viewed. 

My solution was to have the buttons +1 to a variable (number).

When the light box closes it checks the value of the variable, if the value is >=4 then it activates the continue button.

I banged my head against the wall for a while on this one, the logic was sound, however it wouldnt work.

I found the problem was in my trigger order. I was wanting the base layer to do things after it opened the light box. It wouldnt do that. I had to rearrange the trigger order so that it performed all actions before opening the light box. 

I dont know if you are having a similar problem, but you seem to be trying to accomplish a similar feat. I would check the order of the triggers, and make sure all of them are actually able to execute. 



Walt Hamilton

A lot of people encounter this problem because of the way they write the triggers. They set them take an action "When variables are true", if variable1 = true, etc. It just doesn't work because the slide is not sitting there always checking the value of the variables. the trigger has to fire "When timeline begins" or "When user clicks" or when some ACTION happens to get it to check the conditions.

An action that can do this is whatever action closes the layers. You just need to have it on each layer, set to show layer 5 when user clicks, if variable 1is true AND variable2 is true, etc. then in case they aren't true, another trigger to close the slide.

If that's confusing, post the slide, and maybe someone can take a look.

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