Multiple correct hotspots problem

May 26, 2014


I have a picture scene where the student has to identify multiple errors.  I created hotspots combined with a freeform multy-pick question form by following one of the video tutorials (thank you jeanettebrooks) and then created two triggers for the "next" button. One trigger is supposed to allow the user to progress to the next slide using conditions that all the hotspots are in their "selected" state (If hotspot 1 - "Freeform"'s state is Selected AND hotspot 2 - "Freeform"'s state is Selected AND........... for each hotspot) and the other trigger displays a "you did not find all the items" message layer (If hotspot 1 - "Freeform"'s state is Normal OR hotspot 2 - "Freeform"'s state is Normal OR............).  The problem I have is that the message layer is displaying even if you identify all the hotspots.  I have checked and re-checked my trigger conditions but cannot see the error.

Does anyone have any ideas where I'm going wrong?

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Steve Mitchell

I would create a numeric varaiable and make it = 0. Then have a slide trigger which sets the variable to 0 everytime the timeline starts. Then for each hotspot attach a trigger that adds 1  to the variable you have created when it has been clicked on (let's say they have to hit 6 hotspots before moving forward).

Now have one trigger on the next button that says. Show layer when user Clicks if variable is less than 6. This layer will have your "you did not find all the items"  message on it. Have another trigger on the same button which says Go to slide X (or next slide) when user clicks if the variable is = to 6.

OR perhaps a better way.

Just have the one trigger show layer "you did not find all the items" on the next button and have another slide trigger which shows a second layer when when your variable changes and set the condition to  = 6. Then have  "Good work click next to continue" on the second layer.

I think that should work, hope that helps.


Marko Stojkovski

Hello Andrew.
I have read your post and tried quickly to reconstruct some similar project, and I see much more easier way to do it.
If thats pick many question and you want the user to have unlimited times to guess the correct answer, why dont you do it without triggers you wrote. Just on try again field put the message you did not found all items. If you want to have limited times to try, put that message on the incorrect layer. And in both situations on correct layer you can set up a trigger "go to next slide when the timeline starts".

In the attachment is a similar question I did so you can take a look how I did it and compare.

Also, something is not making sense for me. Hotspot cannot change states, so how you wrote a trigger and advanced condition with hotspot. It cannot be "selected". Better do it with shapes, maybe transparent rectangle. I did the sample with correct / incorrect shape (checkmark & X), you have to select the 3 checkmarks for correct answer.

Hope this will fix your problem.
Regards, Marko

Andrew Smith

Quick update.  

I got it working following Steve's method.   I created the variable and allocated a score to each trigger.  I had to set the trigger to "When: State" and "Is: Selected" rather than "When: User clicks".

I tried Marko's method but couldn't get it working for my scenario - that doesn't mean his method doesn't work, it just highlights my own limitations.

Many thanks to Steve and Marko for their time.

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