Multiple Drag Placement Drop Zones

Jul 11, 2014

Hi everyone,

I have been asked if I can produce a drag and drop question that allows for one or more drag items to be placed into one or more drop zones to equal correct.

This is easily done if, for example the question stem is written in a way to allow for a dual drag item e.g.:

Which colours are associated with Summer and Autumn?

Blue and Green

Green and Gold

Red and Green

Blue and Brown

But if the question has to be written in the singular, although this looks straight forward enough, is there a way to achieve this without achieving an incorrect answer if, for example, the student places the first correct colour into another drop zone? e.g. the answer here is:

Summer = Blue | Brown | Green

Autumn = Blue | Brown | Gold

and the student places the first Summer 'Brown' or 'Blue' into the Autumn 'Brown' or 'Blue' zone, is there a work around to allow for this? (Singular example below

Place the associated colours next to the seasons.

Drop zone 1: Summer Drop zone 2: Autumn

Drag items: Blue | Brown | Red | Green | Gold | Blue | Brown | Red | Green| Gold

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Phil Mayor

The built in question does not allow multiple correct drop targets. So to get round this I would remove the freeform and add a pick one freeform, I would add two objects for the freeform and move them off slide.

Then add dropped on triggers for the objects to change the states to drop correct when in the correct place. You can then change the state of the pick one objects off slide based on the states of the drop objects when you click the submit button, finally you then submit the interaction which will show the correct or incorrect layers.

ashish sharma

Hi Rebecca,

I used the BOSTON example and it works quite nicely. I have a question. How can I make it work for more then 1 attempt.

So when a user presses submit and gets an incorrect answer, on pressing try again, the drag objects should go back to the original position.

Could you please suggest something.



Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Ashish,

See attached. Here's what I did:

Set up the quiz so that 3 attempts are allowed.


Added a T/F variable I called "tries"


Base Layer: Changed the slide properties so When Revisiting is "Reset to initial state."

Try Again Layer:


Added a trigger that adds 1 to the TriesVariable when the timeline starts

Added a trigger to show the Incorrect layer when the timeline starts of the TriesVariable is greater than 2.


Jump to the Pick One slide (so actually the base layer of this slide) when the user clicks the Try Again button.

I think I captured it all. Please shout out with any questions.

David Love

Hi all,

I followed Rebecca's example to generate a multiple drop by creating a pick one, but it's not working, and I don't know why that is. I am hoping someone can take a look at the mock-up, and have the objective eyes to see where it's gone wrong. I have attached it here. Thanks in advance.

Katherine  Harris


I've followed your video but I'm running into a issue where the items are snapping back if they are dropped on the incorrect box. I would like it to all the user to choose incorrectly and then submit. Can you please help me? I have 6 pictures and 6 empty boxes. The user is to put each picture in a DO or DON'T column. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Katherine,

It may help if you're able to share that one slide here with us so that we could take a look at how the triggers and elements are set up. You can add it using the "add attachment" button and you may want to include just that one slide here as the forums have around a 20 mb upload limit. You can import that one slide into a new project as described here.