Multiple drop down boxes


I've used Adobe Presenter but have now switched to Storyline. I'm hoping someone could help me.

I want to write a quiz question where the student balances a chemical equation.

The format I want will be:

Dropdownbox (of numbers) then chemical symbol + Dropdownbox-chemical symbol (arrow) Dropdownbox - chemical symbol.

I hope that makes some sort of sense. How do I add several boxes either of dropdown numbers or even text entry in one question? I only seem to be able to have one per slide and the size of the box is fixed which is frustating.

Can this be done or should I use Adobe?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Andy and welcome to Heroes!

Storyline's built in quiz questions only allow for one text entry or one question per slide as a default. There are a few community members who have implemented creative workarounds, so I hope that they're able to share those with you here. In the meantime, since you mentioned text entry, I did want to point out at least one set up where you can have multiple text entry on one slide.

Hope that helps get you started!