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I've been able to add a hyperlink to a slide in Storyline, then create a trigger that only allows the user to move forward once the hyperlink has been opened.  Is it possible to include more than one hyperlink on a slide with a trigger only allowing movement forward once ALL the hyperlinks have been opened or visited?  Thanks in advance.

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Kevin Thorn

Hi Sarah,

Welcome to Elearning Heroes!

Yes, that is possible. Just a few extra steps needed is all...

  • Keep all text boxes that will be hyperlinks independent of each other - not in one big text box.
  • For each text box add a Visited state. Select the text box > Edit states > Add "Visited" state.
  • Assign hyperlink (this will assign to both the Normal and now new Visited state.
  • No need to stylize the Visited state of the text box. We're using the built-in Storyline function is all. However you can add style to that state if you choose.

Next, is adding the trigger to the Next button.

  • Jump to Next Slide when the user clicks IF Shapes, Text Box 1 AND Text Box 2 AND Text Box 3....(as many as required) ARE equal to Visited.

Additionally, you might want to add a Layer that displays an alert text, "Please visit all links prior to advancing." To show that layer add this trigger to the same Next button:

  • Show Layer "Visit All Links" when the user clicks IF Shapes, Text Box 1, OR Text Box 2, OR Text Box 3.... ARE NOT equal to Visited.

Hope this helps.