Multiple items and entrance animations.

May 02, 2013

I have multiple items that are entering into a slide at the same time however I cant seem to get them all to fly in at the same time as a grouped object. Currently the items ( images, buttons and text ) are all set in different locations in the slide and are set to fly in at the same time however when they come into view the do not all flyin and stop at the same time since some items are placed farther away than others.

Seems that even though they are grouped the animations are still considered to be attached to each object and not the group. Is this correct or is there a way to add an animation to a single group and all items in that group enter and exit at the same time?


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Christine Hendrickson

Welcome to the community, Kibby!

Grouped objects may not animate correctly. Have you tried un-grouping them to see if this improves the animations and timings? 

I believe the problem is coming from some of the objects you're using in your slide. If you group buttons, check boxes, or radio buttons together, these interactive objects will not function properly when you preview or publish your Storyline content.  Please review the following article for more information:

Do not group buttons, check boxes, or radio buttons together

Let me know if you still have trouble after removing the objects from the group.


Sharon Probets

Hi Christine

I've just started in Storyline 2 and grouping is not working as I would expect.

I have an image and some text that I have grouped together.  I want to animate the whole group so that it arrives on the page as set by the timeline.

What I'm getting is the text arriving first and then the image appears behind it - not the effect I was aiming for!

I've tried ungrouping etc but still get the same unwanted results.  I've not experienced this in SL1 or Studio - what do I need to do differently?



Sarah Ednay

Hi Sharon

One thing that has tripped me up before is that it is really easy when setting the animation for a group to change just one item within it by mistake, without realising.... so check that the animation duration on each element in your group is really the same. It sounds like the image animation duration time is longer. Click the down arrow on the group on the timeline so you can easily see to check each item.

If it's not that then there is always the fallback of making your image and text into a state. So go to edit the normal state for your image and just copy the text into it (= a virtual group) then it should definitely do what you want.

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