Multiple languages in one SCORM package

Hi all,

I am currently exploring the multi-lingual nature of Storyline output for a potential project.  The project requires a SCORM package that includes all languages included.  I understand how to do each language as an individual package but not multiple ones.  Can anyone give me any guidance on the best way to do this.

Many thanks, Andy

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Bruce Graham

Hi Andy,

The COURSE content can be just built as multiple languages in multiple Scenes, selected by e.g. a "click on your flag..." type of selection.

I do not believe it's currently possible to create multiple versions of the same Player, with the translated Language settings for showing for each language.

Would make a great Feature Request.


Andy Nock


Bruce - thank you for that, that could well be a good option!  It will end up being a big course, but I guess Articulate can handle that?  I'll have a play with Storyline to see how this works.  Especially regarding saving  users progress etc.

Gerry - not for this particular project, the request asks for it all as one SCORM package.  

Thanks, Andy

Gerry Wasiluk

Then each course module in the package will have to handle the languages as Bruce discusses.

In a SCORM package all the modules have to be completed in the course by the learner to be registered as completed in the LMS.  Everyone has to view all the modules.

BTW, if you are looking for a way to package separate Storyline modules into a SCORM package, I strongly recommend Simple SCORM Packager.

It would be nice if multi-modules for AICC, SCORM or tin Can could be handled inside of Storyline itself like you can with a tool like Lectora.  If you agree, please enter a feature request for Articulate's consideration.

Johan Lindberg


I thought it was time to raise this question again. :-)

I'm working for a multinational corporation that has a requirement to deliver e-learning on 29 different languages.

In some markets, different students speak different languages. For example in Switzerland they can speak German, French or Italian. There may also be migrant workers from other countries employed at the market company, so the exact language need on each market can be close to impossible to predict. 

However, to facilitate accumulation and monitoring of student data per market, we are limited to one SCORM package per market.

As I understand it, bundling the language versions in scenes and implementing a "click on your flag" selection would in this case require 29 copies of the media in a single course. The student would then have to download all this material before making the flag selection and running the course. This might take some time. Especially if the material contains a couple of videos with voice over or subtitles, and you happen to have a slow connection... Or am I missing something?

Grateful for any tips you might have.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Johan, 

To create one SCORM package, yes you'd need to create all those languages in one course using a combination of variables, layers and even states. 

As for the media, if it's added directly into Storyline, we'll preload content as outlined here. So the learner wouldn't need to download those items separately or wait for it. 

If you'll be hosting videos externally, you may want to look at options to add closed captioning there and see if there's a language selection option a learner could choose within your video site. 

Johan Lindberg

Thank you for your quick reply Ashley!

The preloading will take care of the download problems if I put the language selection on the first slide. I will also investigate the possibility of hosting videos externally. Good tips!

Can I find a tutorial or instruction describing the process of creating "all those languages in one course using a combination of variables, layers and even states"?

I guess we would have to export files for translation, then import the translated text files into 29 copies of the Storyline file, then copy the translated slides into 29 separate tracks in the original file, and lastly create a language selection page?

Forgive me if I'm asking the obvious here, but I have not yet used Storyline. We are still trying to figure out which tools we should select as candidates in our pilot project.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Johan, 

We have a lot of resources to help with the creation of a multi-language course - so the path you take can be a choose your own adventure! Take a look at these tutorials and articles to get started:

Also, you'll find all our tutorials and user guides linked here! A great place to bookmark for future Storyline needs.

Lastly, if you're stuck on any of the above I'd suggest reaching out in the Building Better Courses side of ELH and see if there is anyone who can help! That side tends to focus more on design and how to, and I bet you'd find a bunch of localization pros.