Multiple layers and timeline

Jul 09, 2012

Haven't found this discussed in the forums.

I have a slide with two layers. Both layers have audio. I've designed it such that the base layer plays its audio, then the second layer is shown via a trigger, and its audio plays.

The seekbar is tuned to the base layer, so it conforms to the 17 seconds of the base layer's audio. Therefore the seekbar appears finished although the second layer is now playing its additional 15 seconds of audio.

Additionally, I would prefer that the slide advances automatically rather than by user.

Proposed solution: I haven't tried this yet. Wanted to check here first. I'm wondering whether extending the base layer timeline an additional 15 seconds, to match the additional time of the second layer, will simultaneously cause the seekbar to be more in sync with the entire slide content, and whether that will also allow the slide to advance automatically at the proper time, not when the base layer is finished, thus proceeding to the next slide before the second layer has had a chance to begin.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Crystal!

The base layer has it's own timeline, and each layer has a unique timeline, as well. For example, it's possible for the base layer to have a 5 second timeline, and a slide layer to have an 8 second timeline. 

Can you tell me more about what you're looking to do with the timeline? I'm happy to help!

Crystal Villareal

I think that worked, but I did also notice that on all other layers, the “Prevent the user from clicking……………” option was clicked. On this particular layer where the timeline seems to be out of sync, it was not. I am not sure if that makes a difference or not. The differences are shown below.



Crystal Horn

Hey there, Crystal.  It looks like you replied via email, which means your attachments won't come through.  Also, it pulls in your email signature with you contact information into the public forum.  Feel free to edit it out here.

Do you have clickable elements that are on the base layer that need to be clicked when on the layer?  Interacting with those base layer elements won't resume the base layer timeline while you're on the slide layer.  The base layer will remained paused until the slide layer is hidden.

Crystal Villareal

I would need to share it outside of the public forum.

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Crystal Horn

Hi Red Pen!  While you can't hide the seekbar on the layer alone, you can show the paused seekbar while on the layer.

Set your layer properties like this:

✅Allow seeking: No
✅Pause timeline of base layer

When the layer opens, the seekbar will remain paused for the base layer, and when the layer hides, the seekbar resumes with the timeline.  Here's an example.

norka o-alcocer

Hello guys, not sure if this has been resolved, but I'm having a similar problem:

I have a slide with a series of layers triggered by tabs, and one extra layer which shows the progress bar.

Progress layer comes up when user clicks the Info Marker and it closes when the same Marker is hit inside the Progress layer.

When that happens though, the layer that was on display disappears and videos or audios on it do so as well.

I have added a trigger to stop timeline when Info Marker is clicked, a trigger in the Progress layer to resume Timeline on main slide and I changed the properties to revisit where you left.

It doesn't look terrible, since I can still see the buttons for the layers and the instructions after first animation, but I was wondering if it wouldn't be possible to just resume where you left, regardless of a specific layer, audio, video, animation, etc...