Multiple PDF into a course

Feb 01, 2021


I have 3 PDF in total to embed as web object, in 3 different chapter. I did the first one with an index.html file into the same folder of storyline projet file and PDF file :

I read that all PDF / index files have to be next to the storyline file. But how am I suppose to create 2 others index.html files in the same folder ? Should I change the names ? or create a new folder for each index file ? It's confusing 

How storyline will choose which PDF to show up for each chapter if all index files are in the same folder ?

Many thanks!

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Michael Gallagher

Here is how I do it.

Create a folder within the folder where you have your .story file. Name the folder Resources. Put all of your PDF documents and an index.html file in that folder. You only need ONE index file.

In your StoryLine file add a WebObect to a screen. In the dialogue box choose the “Resources” folder you created.

Publish your course to your hardrive and go to the publish folder and step through the folders “Storyline output\story_content\WebObjects”. The next folder down will have a collection of numbers and letters, for example “6Ww90gwx0xa”. You will see that all the files from your folder “Resources” reside in that WebFolder.

Now, go back to your course and select one of your objects you want to link to a PDF. The Action will be OPEN URL/file. In the File or URL input field you will put the following: story_content/WebObjects/the weird number letter folder that was created/YourPDFfilename.pdf

You need to do this to every link that goes to a PDF and make sure you change the PDF name at the end to match a particular PDF in the folder.

Once done, you republish your course and the linking will work. One important thing to remember: If you need to change or replace a PDF in the “Resources” folder, you will need to redo all of your links. The reason is that you will need to delete the WebObject in StoryLine and redo the process explained above. When you reinsert a new WebObject, the weird number/letter folder name will change.

Masia Goodman

Hi Michael, 

Brilliant method! One question: what goes in the one index file?  Using the single PDF method, the index file code names a specific file. What is different about the index file in your method? 

For reference, here's the code I've used for embedding a single PDF:

<!DOCTYPE html>
iframe {
position: absolute;
top: 0;
left: 0;
width: 100%;
height: 100%;
border: none;
<iframe src="MyFileName.pdf"></iframe>