Multiple quizzes, one results slide, retry only incorrect answers

May 09, 2019

Hi, looking for help please.

Here are the steps I followed:

  • Created 2 'multiple response' questions.
  • Then created one results slide which calculates the score for both questions.
  • If a user gets one answer correct and the other one wrong, the results slide correctly shows 50% scored.
  • The user can now 'review' the quiz, which shows them which answers they got correct, and which ones incorrect.  It also shows the correct answers.

Here's what we'd like to happen:

  • Result slide shows 50% score.
  • User can then scroll through the questions. 
  • For the correct ones, they can simply click 'next' to see the next question.
  • For the ones they got wrong, all 'tick box' options should be blanked, so that they can re-input whichever options they think is correct.

How to do?


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Crystal Horn

Hi, Bennie! Storyline 360 offers you two options for retrying a quiz:

  • Retry only incorrect questions - This option will reset and show only the incorrect questions.
  • Retry all questions - This option will reset and show all questions.

Does anyone in the community have a creative workaround to show correctly answered questions but retake only incorrectly answered questions?

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