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Aug 13, 2021

Hi - new Storyline user here. I am using the Velocity template and was able to create a multiple choice quiz question. But how do I create a multiple response question? There's no multiple response template in Velocity. I tried using the generic multiple response template, but am struggling to make it look like the Velocity multiple choice. For example, the question keeps feeding from the form into where the headline is supposed to be, etc. I also tried to use the question layout from the Velocity master slide, but same problem.

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Ren Gomez

Hi Cindy,

That correct. Not all templates have every question type available, so I'm happy to lend a hand! I'm not sure which Velocity multiple-choice example you wanted to replicate, but here are the steps I took to replicate one for a multiple-response slide:

  1. Insert a regular graded question
  2. Right-click and apply the Velocity text question layout
  3. Copy/Paste elements from a Velocity multiple-choice question slide
  4. Remove any unnecessary slide objects

I've attached one as an example that you can use. I hope it helps!

Cindy Whitcome

Hi - I tried the process you recommend using the generic multiple response template and applying the question layout, but the resulting layout is not the same. There is no place for the headline and the small script line above it that are present in the multiple choice. So I manually inserted those elements into the question. Then when I put the question text into the form view, it keeps going over the headline I built and I can’t seem to move it to below the headline

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Cindy Whitcome

Hi - here is the Storyline file. The initial question in the Storyline file went fine - slides> insert> Velocity> multiple choice template.

For the second question - a multiple response - slides> insert> no Velocity template for multiple response so chose built-in MR from top> right-clicked and chose Velocity question layout> put information into question form, but finding it almost impossible to edit from there. Answers box keeps shrinking and I can't seem to add the title and supertext above the title.

Also attached the MR question from the Presenter version - this is how I want it to look in Storyline. I am new to Storyline so trying to rebuild existing content from Presenter through Storyline.

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Becca Levan

Hello Cindy! It looks like the attachments didn't go through when you replied by email. Can you try again by using the Add Attachment button in this discussion?

Also, it looks like your signature came through with your reply. You can remove that if needed by clicking the Edit button in the response window. Here's how.

Ren Gomez

Hi Cindy,

Thanks for sharing your file, as that helped to provide further insight into what you're experiencing. I tested this for myself and noticed some of the behaviors you described when applying the Velocity template.

Since there is no Multiple Response template, we might need to get a little more creative with guidance, so I've opened a case on your behalf so our support team can dig into it. 

We'll reach out with next steps soon!