Multiple Section Project

Jan 15, 2014

Small question/problem.  I am working on a large Storyline project where we will have a master slide and on that slide will be triggers to other smaller projects that other persons are working on.  I want to have one person do a Storyline on subject X, another do a Storyline project on subject Y, and a third do a Storyline project on subject Z.  Each of these smaller projects will have multiple Scenes.  How do I keep all of these smaller projects (X, Y & Z) with their scenes segregated from each other so that scene numbers don't conflict?  Attached is a drawing of what I am trying to do.

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Gary Weaver

Thanks for the info.  I pulled together 3 prior Storyline single projects and did the import into a blank new Storyline project.  I did keep the projects segregated within the new one, however, I noted that one of the slides did not copy over.  That slide had screen video capture on it.  I then went to the Storyline project that held that missing slide and tried to single copy the slide but got an error message which was non-specific.  I closed it, repopened the project and tried to copy the slide again but got the same error.  Are Storyline slides that incorporate screen captured video non-copyable?  I am using version - Update 1:1208.1316.

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