Multiple trigger actions based on a set of conditions?

Jun 12, 2013

I need to know whether it's possible within a trigger to link multiple actions to a given condition or set of conditions. Of course, I can duplicate the conditions for each action I want to perform, but that seems unnecessarily cumbersome, especially when I have multiple conditions to check. Is there an easier way I'm just missing? Thanks!

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Greg Edwards

I understand that, and I may have miscommunicated the term "action" for "trigger." I was hoping for some shortcut that would allow me to wrap a condition (or set of conditions) around a group of triggers to say "if a is true and b is true, then do x, do y, do z" instead of "do x if a is true and b is true", "do y if a is true and b is true", "do z if a is true and b is true". Functionally they give the same result, but it's just labor intensive to configure (and particularly challenging to maintain when one of the conditions changes). In most programming languages, we'd call it a "block" construct.

I did find that duplicating a trigger and then adjusting the action of the copy is a bit of a time saver. You can pick an action that's completely unrelated to the original, and it's usually a lot easier than reproducing a complex set of conditions.

Sales Framework

Hi Greg, 

You're correct, there is no block construction in storyline, you must treat each action individually. It would make a good feature request to be able to add multiple actions to the same conditions at once instead of one at a time. 

Using the copy/paste action in the triggers panel, as you're doing, is the most efficient means I've found. 

Phil Mayor

Greg Edwards said:

There's not a way to duplicate the conditions. But if you duplicate the trigger, then the associated conditions carry over to the duplicate, and you can adjust the action as needed. Perhaps we're saying the same thing?

I spend most of my time duplicating triggers to save timeand then adjust the trigger once duplicated think we are talking about the same thing

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