Multiple triggers on the same object triggered by the same action

I have set up multiple triggers on the same object that are triggered by the same action that as I understand from Articulate is supported.  My triggers change the state of a character however only the last one in the list always gets executed. Why are the others ignored?  I thought they are executed in order.

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Harri C

Hi Debra,

Welcome to the forums.

It sounds like your triggers are all attached to the same object and same action so I assume that they are executing in order but you're only seeing the effect of the final one. You probably need to add some conditions.

Maybe if you could tell us a bit more about the effect you're trying to achieve we could figure out how to make it work for you. 

Debbie H

Hi Harri

Thanks for the reply. I am working with a software simulation. What I want to do is change a characters state every time a user clicks the wrong button. For example, first state will give a hint, second state will add a shape around the object to click and last state will direct the user to a demo video.  I have managed to add the different states which are working perfectly.  My problem is getting them to trigger correctly. The states should be triggered by the user clicking outside of the hotspot.

Debbie H

I did set this up using variables and it works with the first slide but jumping between slides caused only the last trigger to show on some slides so added a trigger to reset the variable back to 0 at the start of the timeline on each slide.  That seems to be working. If anyone knows of a simpler way, please let me know.

Harri C

P.S Your solution does sound like the one i'd suggest. When using variables you often need to consider resetting them back to their original value. 

In terms of suggesting a simpler option - that would depend very much on how the slide is set up and it's dependencies and impact on other slides so it would be difficult to say without seeing the actual file.