Multiple users taking a Storyline course on Sharepoint

Apr 13, 2017

Hi! I have a question about best practices with multiple learners who are viewing a Storyline course and taking the end quiz on their company's Sharepoint.

Will they be able to complete the course at the same time (in different parts of the country)?

Is it best/necessary to set the course to "never resume" since it could mean one learner resumes where another left off?

Are there any other best practices to consider when hosting on Sharepoint instead of an LMS?

Thanks in advance!

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Brian Dennis

Access from multiple locations (or users) will work as normal. No need to set the slide reset settings differently unless your course design calls for this point when the SAME user runs the material again. The technique (cookies) used SL are stored client (browser) side; not server side (Sharepoint).

If you're looking to track completions, and quiz responses you'll need an actual LMS

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