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Harri C

Hi Nasr

Like Maxime I couldn't understand the language but I had a look anyway. And if anything you now have proof that your user interface works well even if you can't read the text :)

The colour scheme is nice and I like the clean, uncluttered feel to the module. 

Suggestion: Where you have the items to click along the top and then there is a pop up in the middle of the screen I would move the close button on the pop up to the top of the pop up rather than having it at the bottom. From an end user point of view it felt like to much moving around.

Suggestion: Unless there are more slides/sections to this course I would hide the menu on the right hand side as it seems redundant and takes up quite a bit of screen space.

(Bear in mind I create courses for european learners reading from left to right and you may have made the choices you have through cultural considerations.) 

Nice looking course, well done.