My first coure - any feedback are very welcome

Feb 26, 2013

I am new to this field and also new to Storyline.  This is the first course I've created and I'd love to get some feedback from this support group.  I am learning lots about the area and I am also enjoying using Storyline.  The course is very short, so if you can spend 5 mins poking through it, I'd appreciate if you can give me your overall impression of the course.   Thanks in advance for your help. 


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Darlesa Cahoon

Wow!  I think this is an incredible first effort!  What is your background?  Your course seems to use instructional design principals well, nice small chunking of information.  I liked the interactive elements and scenarios.  It is pleasing to look at - I was especially fond of the script font used in headings!

I don't know if it was just me, but I didn't understand the Risky Events drag and drop interaction - thought maybe it wasn't working as expected or maybe needs a little more direction?  I personally like less text to read and combining audio with voiceover, videos, sounds and animation to illustrate ideas, but not knowing what your scope, audience, time, etc are, that is certainly not a criticism - just my impression.  I thought it was really a fine course overall. 

Awesome job Alice! 

Alice Wong

Thanks for everyone's comment.  I am a usability specialist who used to design the user interface for software applications.  But now, I have moved into developing online courses.  So, I think having that background really helps.   I am glad to know there aren't too many inconsistent things.  I also think that the Risky events drag and drop can be improved as well, but I can't find a way to position the drop box  so the text will align with the rest of the text in the box.  Anyways, I will give it another try to see if it can be made clearer.   

Also, I may be missing something, the "Exit course" button on the top hand corner does not really work, and I have no idea why.  Does anyone know?



Adrian Stokes

Hey, I am just going to echo what the others said

Loving the 'What are you conveying' - the drag and drop worked well for me being a do-er.

Plenty of interactivity which is nice with some nice relevant visuals thrown in.

Couple of things for me:

1. A couple of the slides were a bit wordy. Sometimes it has to happen but is there a way that this can be broken down a little bit?

2. On slide 2.11 the 'relaxed' lady doesn't look very relaxed lol

Other than that, great job!

Phil Mayor

Looks nice, easy to navigate.  I would have the munu collapsed until you reach a section as otherwise it may put the user off with how much content you have.

There are some little issues, early on one of the bullets is black not blue, on the sorting exercise the right hand bottom text is either the wrong colour or emboldened.

the first drag and drop the text is pixellated because it is an image, I know why you have done this but, you can edit the normal state and add your text and picture instead of saving it all out as an image.

I really like the click on boxes and, your UI skills shine here using a drop shadow and gradient so the user knows to click

You do have some pixellated images such as the engage timeline screenshot.  This is probably worse because the player is set to scale.

Just being picky but on the ASK ineraction the initial A drop shadow is messing up the image a bit (just being picky).

The real positive is I wanted to complete the course, as a lot of time I never get to the end.  Well done :-)

Marcia Marcia

Overall impression--very good job. I especially liked your use of pictures of people to illustrate the 4 styles. I would have liked more pics of people especially on the slides that contained quotes.

You might want to remove periods at the end of bullets. Some think they 'clutter' the screen.  I noticed one was missing.

I did not hear audio, maybe there was some? If you do add audio, you can reduce your on screen words.

As far as the cursive font--I don't know the research on it, yet I would guess that it is more difficult for some people to read/understand. I heard that in the US--some elementary schools may discontinue teaching cursive writing....

Kevin Thorn

Very well done! Clean and simple design with a balanced color palette.

Lots of great suggestions that I won't echo but one single thing caught my attention on the first slide - Start button.

If you have the Start button on the slide, I would deactivate the Next button on the player to avoid redundancy. Also, being the first slide, you don't need a Prev button - nowhere to go previously.

Essentially, turn off the two player nav buttons on the first slide. 

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