My Mulitple response question isn't working - Help :(



I've been racking my brains as to why this interaction isn't working. Any help would be amazing.

So even if the leaner clicks the correct question the results slide still displays a score of 0%.

I have attached the file. Hopefully I'm not just being dumb!


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Sarah 

im on a train so don't have access to open your story file but a few things to check.

    • the result slide options - are the quiz questions/question bank selected
    • the result slide -  are the triggers using the correct variables result score points & results pass points 
    • the question slides all have a correct response/s selected


Darren Heath

Hi Sarah,

I checked your file and made a note of what the correct choices were on each slide.

Checked the relevant boxes, submitted and scored 0%

Then I rechecked your file, and realised that each quiz slide had 'shuffle answers' selected.

I unselected this option, previewed the quiz again, selected the right answers and got 100%